Expat life


summer 2018
Amsterdam in four months

Four months in Amsterdam during summer : from Ijburg to De Baarjes

From July to October 2018, Kelly did her 3rd grade internship in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We had to chance to see each other multiple times during these months. It was a new experience to live somewhere else than Paris for some times. We definetly enjoyed it for the calm, the kindness of Dutch people and their quality of life. Fortunately, the weather was quite good during this summer (for the first time since a long time) so we enjoyed a lot biking and wandered along the canals.

Afterwork on a boat

LGBT-friendly city

Gabe liked to bike

Along the canals

Ijburg architecture

Ijburg architecture

Sunset in Ijburg


Red light area

On top of the Science Museum

Street secrets

Amsterdam Centraal


Magna Plaza


Concert hall building

Peaceful view